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Viral Video: Inmates Push a Police Van

Ayushi Rajput February 19 2024 11:09 AM

In a recent video shared with us, a surprising and worrying scene played out on the streets of Bihar. The clip showed a group of inmates pushing a police van that had broken down on its way from the jail to the court for a hearing. Before we delve into the unsettling details of this incident, we want to thank the vigilant user who brought this to our attention through the TBI Community. You can find the link to the video below.

The Incident Unfolded:

The incident took place in Bihar, where inmates, being transported by the police for a court hearing, found themselves in an unexpected situation. The police van, carrying them, encountered mechanical issues, made worse by the fact that the fuel in their supposedly reliable vehicle had run out – a vehicle worth 25 lakhs. What happened next is both puzzling and worrying: the inmates, who were supposed to be under the custody of the police, ended up pushing the van themselves.

Do we want a system where things go wrong in such a strange way?

The 10-second clip captures a situation that goes beyond its short duration. It raises questions about how well our law enforcement agencies manage the transportation of individuals from jails to court hearings.

Reflecting on the Situation:

The irony of the situation is hard to ignore. Instead of the police managing transportation, the inmates found themselves actively involved in pushing a vehicle that was supposed to ensure their secure transfer to the court. The incident prompts thinking about how effective and secure our current methods are for transporting individuals in custody. Is this the best way to ensure inmates arrive at their court appointments on time and safely?


The 10-second video might seem amusing at first, but it reveals deeper concerns about the system. The transportation of inmates is a crucial aspect of law enforcement, and incidents like these highlight the need for a careful evaluation and improvement of the existing procedures.

Is subjecting inmates to physically push a van a dangerous and cost-effective method of administering transportation?

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