New Age Scammer: How to Differentiate Between Genuine Coaches and New Age Scammers

Ayushi Rajput March 4 2024 12:09 AM

In our fast-paced digital world, distinguishing between genuine opportunities and potential online scams has become an essential skill. As we immerse ourselves more in the digital realm than the physical, it becomes challenging to discern between authenticity and deception. In this blog, we will explore some strategies to help you identify and avoid falling victim to new-age scammers.

Investigate the Profile 

Step 1: Digital Detective Work

The first step on our journey to unmasking online scammers involves becoming a digital detective. Imagine investigating someone's digital profile akin to how real-life criminals are tracked through fingerprints or footprints. Start by scrutinizing the individual's website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn. Look beyond the surface; delve into qualifications, experiences, and the overall digital footprint.

Consider investigating the digital profile of Alex Hormozi, the founder of Gym Launch. Scrutinize his website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn to understand how his digital footprint aligns with his claims and expertise.

Step 2: Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and experience act as a window into an individual's credibility. A genuine mentor or coach should possess qualifications and experiences aligned with the expertise they claim to provide. Assess whether their background supports their claims and whether they have a track record of delivering on promises.

For this step, let's focus on Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Assess Gary Vee's background, qualifications, and experiences. Evaluate whether his track record supports the claims he makes in his content.

Step 3: Passion and Consistency

Analyzing the passion and consistency exhibited by the individual is crucial. A credible mentor should show genuine enthusiasm for their field and not merely follow trends for the sake of it. Look for a passion that translates into consistent messages and engagement, rather than someone who jumps from one trend to another.

Red Flags in Communication 

Step 4: Materialistic Displays

Red flags in communication often manifest through materialistic displays. If an individual focuses more on showcasing possessions rather than providing value, skepticism is warranted. Authentic influencers prioritize delivering value over flashy displays, ensuring that their audience gains meaningful insights rather than falling for superficial allure.

Consider the communication style of Tai Lopez, known for showcasing his material possessions. Explore whether his content focuses more on displaying possessions rather than providing substantial value to his audience.

Step 5: Aggressive Marketing Tactics

Recognizing the use of aggressive marketing tactics is essential. Scammers often manipulate emotions through exaggerated claims and intense marketing. Genuine influencers and coaches focus on delivering valuable content rather than resorting to high-pressure marketing tactics. Be wary of those who prioritize sales over substance.

Step 6: Authenticity Over Flashiness

Authenticity should always take precedence over flashiness. Genuine influencers and mentors maintain an authentic connection with their audience, steering clear of over-the-top promises or exaggerated displays. A commitment to real value and authenticity distinguishes the credible from the dubious.

Associations Matter 

Step 7: Genuine Collaborations

Associations play a pivotal role in establishing credibility. Genuine influencers and coaches build meaningful collaborations based on substance rather than superficial connections. Look for evidence of authentic relationships and collaborations that contribute to the individual's credibility.

Explore the collaborations of Neil Patel, a well-known digital marketing expert. Investigate whether Neil's collaborations are based on substance, contributing to his credibility, or if they seem more like superficial connections.

Step 8: Beware of Empty Associations

Beware of individuals who boast about associations without concrete evidence. Scammers often create illusions of credibility through staged events or false connections. A genuine mentor's credibility is built on real relationships, accomplishments, and meaningful collaborations.

Step 9: Credibility through Authenticity

Credibility is not just about who one associates with but also about the authenticity of those associations. A genuine influencer or coach's credibility is solidified through authentic connections and collaborations, reflecting a commitment to substance over superficiality.

Opportunities vs. Overpriced Products 

Step 10: Evaluating Genuine Opportunities

Distinguishing between genuine opportunities and overpriced products requires a discerning eye. While some opportunities genuinely offer value, it's essential to assess whether the cost aligns with the actual value provided. Evaluate whether similar knowledge is available elsewhere at a more reasonable cost.

Step 11: The Pitfall of Overpriced Products

Overpriced products may offer valuable insights, but the key is to assess whether the same knowledge is available elsewhere at a more reasonable cost. Understanding the balance between the value offered and the associated price is crucial in avoiding the pitfall of overpriced products.

Skool Community – A Genuine Opportunity 

Step 12: Introducing the School Community

A groundbreaking opportunity arises with the introduction of the School Community by Alex Hormozy. This innovative platform empowers individuals to create communities based on passion and expertise. Unlike scams, this genuine opportunity allows you to share knowledge, collaborate globally, and potentially monetize your expertise without hefty investments.

Step 13: Embracing the New Era of Knowledge Sharing

The School Community presents a new era of knowledge sharing and collaboration. By creating communities around passions and expertise, individuals can explore opportunities, collaborate globally, and potentially monetize their knowledge. It's a paradigm shift towards genuine value creation and collaboration.


In a landscape filled with uncertainties, mastering the ability to differentiate between scams and genuine opportunities is paramount. Utilize the strategies outlined in this blog to navigate through the noise and identify those who genuinely add value to your journey. 

In the era of online opportunities, staying vigilant is key. The Skool Community, with its innovative approach, stands out as a genuine platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Embrace the genuine, avoid the scams, and let's empower each other in this digital age. Stay aware, Peepoye family!

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